Members of Podington Parish Council

Chairman Mr Stephen Rand

Hinwick Lodge
Northants, NN29 7JQ

Tel: 01933 317041     Mobile: 07836 256744

Highways, lighting & benches

Councillor Christine Hawkins

07771 778682

Footpaths & Bridleways

Councillor Melinda May

01933 313488

Young Persons Representative

Councillor Ziggy Morgan

07985 235856

Play Area, Americal Flag, Trees

Councillor Phillip Garlick

Allotments, Trees

Councillor Laura Schofield

07715 945068

Highways, lighting & benches

Councillor Nicola Watts

07766 335038

Planters, Financial Control

Councillor Mark Webb

07979 502110

Highways, lighting and benches, Play Area, VAS

Councillor Sheldon Worthington

07967 972184

PUSC, Cricket Club Liaison, Defibrillator, VAS

This Section gives you information about your Councillors

Councillors Register of Interests forms can be found by clicking on the link below:

Clerk to the Parish

Diane Robins, Clerk

07786 656088

Podington Planning Committee

All Councillors are involved in planning decisions. Planning Applications are considered at Public Meetings where possible.

Planning meetings may be held in between full council meetings as and when required. An agenda will be published on our website at least 3 full working days before a meeting.


Information about the Borough Councillors can also be found from here